I’ve had a secret.

And I don’t have to keep it any longer!

A few subtle hints have been dropped and some of you reading this may already know, because I was officially “outed” yesterday. But, now the teasing is over …

I’ve joined the Brooklyn Tweed Design Team!

Buckle up, because this post is going to be much longer than usual.

It’s hard to find the right words to express what the last few months have meant to me.

For the past year I have hemmed and hawed over whether to officially stop my freelance work as an art director and pursue knit design full time. I knew in my heart I wanted to, but there’s always that little bit of doubt.

Enter Jared Flood.

First, the shock when he asked me if I might be interested.

Uhhh… hang on a minute while I get back on my chair and check my pulse.

The chance to work with Jared and Michele and Leila (although she’s now behind the scenes… and missed for sure) is an opportunity any designer would die for. Of course I “thought” about it for a few days, but my answer was already YES!!!

Then the extra excitement when I heard who else was joining the team. The master, Véronik.

And before I knew it, we were all diving head first into our initial collaboration together.

(All while my life was quite literally turning inside out moving from Anchorage to Saint Louis!)

Let’s just say, I am one lucky woman and yes, I know it.

So now, I am honored and I am humbled and I am excited beyond words to finally be able to share this with a wider audience than just my family and closest friends. (All of whom deserve an award for patiently putting up with having such a knitting nerd in their life!)

If you haven’t already done so, go immediately to see the Fall 2012 Look Book for our first of many collections to come. And while you’re trying to decide which 4 or 5 or 6 are your favorite and which one you will knit first, I will work on putting together another post giving you a behind the scenes scoop of my individual pieces.

Fall is here. And you know what that means. Let the knitting begin!



  • karen sato on Sep 08, 2012

    Simply Super!

    Congrats and all the best. ;)

  • Nicole on Sep 07, 2012

    So. Much. Awesomness.

    And such a perfect fit. I cannot wait to see what comes next!

  • Amy J on Sep 07, 2012

    Congratulations! Your lovely designs work so well with BT….such a GREAT combo!!

  • britt on Sep 07, 2012

    i love your designs. and i was wondering how long i had to wait for you to mention it here! congrats and i can ‘t wait to see more.

  • ann in indy on Sep 07, 2012

    Congrats! I am so looking forward to knitting a few of the garments you designed. ann in indy

  • Caroline on Sep 06, 2012

    That’s sooooooo cool ! Congratulations Julie on that wonderfull turn in you life. I’m pretty sure you’re going to amaze us more and more with your unique sens of design an structure. I’m really happy for you, and I look forward to finally knit one of your designs.
    And I agree with Ms Bimbamboum, my friend from we would love to get an interview for our french webzine. Let’s keep in touch.

  • Quiet Hours on Sep 06, 2012

    Congratulations Julie. You are talented !!!
    I really love your designs : plain and chic. First I hope knit for my daughter (or for me)

    (azelie on ravelry)

  • Shanna J on Sep 06, 2012

    Congratulations Julie! this is so frickin’ cool, I wish I had forced you to teach me to knit while you were still here.

  • Evelyn on Sep 06, 2012

    Congratulations! I did see your designs in the look book when it was released yesterday and am looking forward to knitting more than one of your gorgeous sweaters. Your aesthetic completely matches mine and I’m so excited.

  • Jennifer Figgins on Sep 06, 2012

    Julie, Jared and the Brooklyn Tweed Team is lucky to have you. You’re a wonderful asset and I think your designs are beautiful . Good luck to you!

  • Pamalison on Sep 06, 2012

    Hi, Julie. I’ve been reading your blog and admiring your designs since hearing you interviewed on the Ready Set Knit podcast. The new collaboration with Brooklyn Tweed is a match made in heaven. I bought the Bowen pattern and I’m earmarking that for my Christmas knitting. Also bought Véronik’s Burr pattern. I wish you the very best as you settle into your new home and new “job”.

  • margaux on Sep 06, 2012

    gorgeous collection! I love your designs! Beautiful.

  • Claire on Sep 06, 2012

    Of course I saw your fabulous patterns Julie! Your design is always plain and elegant… So chic!!! So you deserve to join the BT team… Congratulations! You can be proud of you! You are so talented…

  • Ms Bimbamboum on Sep 06, 2012

    Congratulations Julie!! I’m so happy for you. I really love yours designs and of course I’ve almost had a heart attack when I saw the last BT book because I wanted so badly to knit everything!!!
    The models are beautiful and very good basics, not just something to be fashion!! I love them, I think I’ll start with Jared’s shawl but I will probably do your “turn again” cowl and I’m very interested on your “Hayward” sweater…..well BT fall 2012, here I am!!
    I’m very glad for your collaboration with Jared, it’s such an opportunity and the BT team seems to be so talented!! You should come to visit us in Paris and participate to some workshop! Seriously guys, if you’re interested, do contact me!!!!