Build a house, phase 3.

The LONGEST phase yet.
Thank you, winter.

Here’s a quick recap…

Between early December and early March, we were nearly dead in the water waiting for conditions to be right for certain elements of the house. While the main level progressed with electrical/mechanical/plumbing rough-ins, the lower level sat untouched until we (finally!!) had utilities hooked up.

Now, we have finished poured and polished concrete flooring (second photo), and as of a today, they’ve framed the lower level walls.

We also have insulation (first photo) on the main level and have been running dehumidifiers all week in preparation for drywall. Hopefully the lower level rough-ins will catch up with the main level quickly.

If the momentum can keep up, I should have lots to report soon… like exterior brick & trim. (Yay!!!)

And in other news…

I’m super excited to be publishing two new knit patterns on Monday. See my Instagram Feed for previews.

And if that’s not enough, there’s a second Mens Collection coming from all of us at Brooklyn Tweed in another week or so. What could be better than that?

Happy Weekend, to all. x

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