Build a house, phase 4.

Yes, the excitement is mounting! We have entered the finishing stage!

These photos were taken early May and uploaded to my Instagram feed, but I figured it was time to document the progress here. (Click image above to open full photos in lightbox.)

The first photo shows the exterior brick progress from the hallway windows (looking at one side of my workroom wall) and the second shows the main living area oak flooring being installed.

Fast-forward to now, just another week or so of exterior brick work remains (then they begin on the interior brick!). All the wood flooring is in and tile work is well under way. Drywall, doors and trim on the main level are mostly finished. Cabinetry is being installed. Interior window trim painting is slowly progressing. Drywall in the lower level should begin today and things should quickly catch up there.

How much longer will it be? No idea. Another couple months, I’m guessing.

Can I wait? Umm, sure :)


  • Clairellen McLaughlin on Apr 04, 2016 Reply

    I’m interested. But I just now discovered your patterns. Hope I haven’t missed the KAL.

    • julie on Apr 11, 2016 Reply

      Not at all, Clairellen. There’s no official “finish date” for the KAL. Just knit it at your own pace and use the hashtag #CohleKAL on Instagram so we can see your progress/finished project. :)

  • Keren Duchan on Jun 07, 2015 Reply

    It’s beautiful. The living room, with the ceiling beams and the beautiful view from the windows – a dream.

    • julie on Jun 07, 2015 Reply

      Thank you, Keren. I pinch myself, all the time!

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