Introducing Sweater Club 2017

My design inspiration comes directly from the fabric created when using a specific yarn and stitch pattern; and I have to admit it’s my favorite thing when I see knitters using the suggested yarn. I know they're experiencing a project exactly how I intended it, and I can share in their joy of knitting, wearing, and cherishing it. This is what motivated me to begin a Sweater Club—to facilitate that perfect marriage of timeless pattern and meticulously selected yarn. 

While there are many yarn clubs and sweater clubs out there, mine is a little different. First, it is an exclusive offer, only sweater club members will have access to the patterns. And second, you’ll know what you’re getting before the kit arrives.

  Sweater Club 2017—01 Featuring Woolfolk LUFT

Sweater Club 2017—01 Featuring Woolfolk LUFT

What You Get

Each kit contains two limited edition printed sweater patterns (one cardigan + one pullover) designed by Julie Hoover that will be available only to Sweater Club 2017 members and features a specific Woolfolk yarn (details below) in the quantity needed for your size in the design of your choice. You get both patterns and yarn for one of the designs, but you can also order yarn for the second design, if you wish.

How to Register

Each Sweater Club registration will appear in my SHOP at the exact times listed below.

Sweater Club 2017—01 featuring Woolfolk LUFT
Registration opens at 10:00 AM Eastern Time, Monday, September 25th. 
The fee is $30 to register and lock in your spot. 
Space will be limited to the first 100 people to register. 
Registration will close at midnight Eastern Time, Sunday, October 8th.
UPDATE 9/26/17: Registration is sold out.

Sweater Club 2017—02 featuring Woolfolk SNO or TYND
Registration opens at at 10:00 AM Eastern Time, Monday, December 4th.
The fee is $30 to register and lock in your spot.
Space will be limited to the first 100 people to register. 
Registration will close at midnight Eastern Time, Sunday, December 17th.

UPDATE 11/20/17: I'm happy to announce the number of registrations will be increased to 125 this time around!
UPDATE 12/06/17: Registration is currently full. You may sign up for the wait list.

How to Order Your Kit

Upon completing registration, you will receive an email with a link to the Sweater Club shopping page containing full details about each pattern. Select the size and yarn color of the design of your choice and complete your yarn purchase. You will only be charged for the yarn required for your selected size (the initial $30 fee covers everything else, including shipping). The patterns will ship together with the yarn within 3-4 weeks after registration closes.

Sweater Club 2017—01 yarn order must be placed before midnight Eastern Time, Sunday, October 15th.

Sweater Club 2017—02 yarn order must be placed before midnight Eastern Time, Sunday, December 24th.


  Sweater Club 2017—02 Featuring Woolfolk SNO or TYND

Sweater Club 2017—02 Featuring Woolfolk SNO or TYND

A Few Other Details

Some of you may have questions at this point, so here are a few other details spelled out Q&A style:

If I register for Sweater Club 2017—01, am I automatically registered for the next one?
No, Sweater Club 2017—02 will have its own separate registration beginning on December 4th. You are not required to participate in both.

If Sweater Club sells out before registration closes, can I get on waiting list?
Yes, if that happens there will be a Sweater Club Waiting List.

Is the registration fee deducted from the cost of the yarn?
The registration fee is not deducted from the yarn purchase; it is simply the cost of the kit, minus the yarn. The two are separated in order to allow for each member to customize their yarn order in the size (determines quantity) and color of their chosen design to complete their kit.

How long do I have after registering to order my yarn?
You may order your yarn any time up to 1 week after registration closes. If special circumstances arise that make it necessary for you to delay your order, you may contact me to make other arrangements (I will do my best to accommodate you).

What if I want to purchase yarn for both patterns?
Great, you can do that! Simply order the size and color for both designs, there is no need to register twice.

How much does the yarn cost?
LUFT is $16 per skein. Depending on which pattern and size you select, the range is between 9 skeins ($144) and 18 skeins ($288).
SNO/TYND is $19 per skein. Depending on which pattern and size you select, the range is between 6 skeins ($114) and 19 skeins ($361).

Are the patterns printed or digital?
The patterns are printed (only) on high quality matte paper (110lb. stock) and packaged together in a branded presentation folder to keep them protected.

Will the patterns be available elsewhere?
The patterns are an exclusive offer to Sweater Club members. In addition to ordering from me, there will be a trunk show that will travel to a handful of my stockists. Each shop that hosts the trunk show will have a limited number of Sweater Club kits available for their customers. (Locations and schedule will be announced under EVENTS once registration closes.)

Can you ship internationally?
Yes, but unfortunately I can't offer free shipping outside the United States. A $38 surcharge will be added to your order (this is an average rate between the various countries worldwide). International knitters can also consider participating in this service (or one like it), or ask a US-based knitting buddy to forward it to you.
(Note: International shipping was not offered until Sweater Club 2017—02.)

How long before I get my kit?
Kits will ship approximately 3-4 weeks after registration closing dates. Kit 01 should arrive by approximately November 6-13 and kit 02 should arrive by approximately January 15-22 (2018).

What is your return policy?
A full refund can be issued if requested before registration closes. No refunds or modifications to your order after registration closes, but items damaged in shipment will be replaced at no additional cost. Damage must be reported within 48 hours of your order being delivered.

How can we share our projects with everyone?
The patterns will be added to the Ravelry database so you can share your WIP and finished projects with your friends. If you're an Instagram or Twitter user, don't forget to post with the hashtag #juliehooversweaterclub so we can follow your posts.

Thank you so much for keeping me motivated all these years, I hope you join in and enjoy this next adventure with me!


Note: A big thank you to the Woolfolk Team (Kristin, Meredith & Vanessa) for working with me on the photoshoot for this year's Sweater Club designs. Their talents are unsurpassed!



Julie Hoover