Habu Textiles (Yarn Swatch) on juliehoover.com

Way back in the baby years of the Internet, I started a blog. This was in 1996 before blog was even a word. I was living in Japan, had a lot of amazing adventures to share, was not working full-time but needed a creative outlet, so I just dove in ... learned everything I needed to know (even wrote my own HTML), and loved every minute of it.

I kept up that blog for nearly 20 years, through all the various places I moved and career turns I made. Then somewhere around 2015 I just couldn't find the energy to keep it going. It had already been a slow trickle for a while, to be honest. It's not like I ran out of things to say, I was just using different channels to communicate with much fewer words (hello Instagram, Twitter & Facebook).

This is my newest web site iteration, and I've decided that while I won't be blogging often, I do want to have a place where I can keep in touch or leave some thoughts on a certain topic.

So welcome, and I hope you enjoy visiting. 

Julie Hoover