Early Fall 2018 Collection from Brooklyn Tweed

Even though it's hard to believe summer is coming to an end (it was pushing 90°F in Ann Arbor yesterday), September is right around the corner and all of us from the design team at Brooklyn Tweed are ready to get some new and exciting projects on your needles.

Here's a brief introduction to each of my pieces from our Early Fall Collection, inspired by one of my favorite things in the whole world: Origami — the art of paper folding.


I love a good dolman sleeve, and I'm always exploring ways to incorporate that shape in modern ways. This relaxed cardigan is knit side-to-side (from the center out) in rows of knits and purls that create a vertical corrugated texture. There is ample room under the arm for any type of shirt you have in your closet. 

Worked in Peerie, the fabric drapes beautifully. The instructions include a chained selvedge treatment, so with careful assembly the sweater can be worn inside-out, featuring the clean lines of the seams and reversing the texture pattern. (You can see that shown on my Ravelry project page here.)

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Celebrating a perfect balance of geometry and nature, this eyelet lace piece is bold and delicate at the same time. Depending on which way it's oriented it takes on a different appearance. Worked end-to-end and grafted in the middle, Kenchiku takes full advantage of Vale's light and airy qualities.

I originally envisioned this design as a scarf or stole, but the instructions could easily be adapted to work in other yarn weights (Loft, Peerie and Arbor all come to mind) to create a larger scale wrap or even blanket!

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Happy knitting!

(Photo credits Brooklyn Tweed)