Bring on Fall.

( Please read to the end for something important to me, and hopefully to you. )

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

If you could see the samples piling up around my studio, you’d realize there’s way more knitting happening in Spring and Summer than other times of the year. Since January, I have nine designs (including the two below) and a whopping 21 samples either finished or in the works. Yeah. It’s been busy and I have to dig deep with patience while all the loose-ends of production are finished up and the work trickles out into the knitting world.

Now that Fall is almost here (if we begin knitting for Fall, does that mean it will come?), I’m super happy to release two patterns that I love so much.

Here they are — Colvin and Gale.


This pullover has all the simple pleasures I have come to love in a sweater. The gentle curve of the hem, the slope of the angle-back shoulders (which includes shaping on the front shoulder for what becomes part of the sleeve cap), the subtle stitch panel running up the center of otherwise stockinette. Like I said, I’m in love.


Lace knitting is a tradition for which I have so much respect, but I tend to admire it from a distance. When a lace motif creeps into my work, there’s a little nod to the tradition, but I usually find a way for it to fit into a more modern/minimal aesthetic. Gale is one example of that. By using a heavier yarn, the lace patterning is … shall we say … less precious. The scale of Gale is wide enough to be a worn as a wrap, but is narrow enough to be looped double as a scarf, as well.

Both designs feature Hinterland’s Range, a gorgeous undyed worsted/aran weight 50% wool/50% alpaca blend yarn that has so much charm. (If you see “sold out" when you click, don’t panic. I understand there will be more coming soon.)

I love the Range yarn so much for both of these, but you could easily substitute. Stone Wool Corriedale, Woolfolk Luft, Fibre Company Arranmore, Brooklyn Tweed Loft (held double) and Swan’s Island All American Worsted come to mind.

And in other news.

There’s something I shared on Instagram last month and wanted to share with you here.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of work that goes into creating and publishing patterns and it’s always been my goal to produce the highest quality possible. I’m continually asking myself how I can raise that bar. With the release of Colvin and moving forward, the size range of my self-published patterns will include two additional sizes. Whenever possible, the new range will accommodate an actual chest circumference between approximately 30–60 inches / 76–152 cm. Previously self-published patterns will also be updated with additional sizing, and I appreciate your patience as I (and the brilliant tech editors I work with) thoughtfully do this technical work.

As always, happy knitting.

Julie Hoover